Born in 1957 in Paris, Alain Brochet learnt there, the foundations of his profession. Three years at the Jewellery school in the Capital and two years besides his father, Claude; in the Cartier’s workshops.

The ALAIN BROCHET Company was born of the will of a team that aims in striving for excellence and requiring for very high standards of quality. On this basis, ALAIN BROCHET selects exclusively, for its creations, the rarest pearls, Top Gem and A qualities.

Entrepreneurs, women and men of conviction are at the heart of our business. We are convinced that the keys to a world in which man can live in harmony with his environment lie in a well-planned economic growth, combined wherever possible, with a local community based economy.

For these reasons, we design and manufacture all our jewellery within our workshop in Tahiti.